8x10 headshots

8x10 Headshot Prints

Our 8x10 prints are perfect for headshots. You can use your own design or use one of our pre made templates. Simply choose a template, add your image, type your name and info, choose a font and order!

Below are all of the headshot templates we have in our ROES system. If you cannot use ROES and we have to layout the headshot for you, we will charge $10 per image.

SizeQty 1-99Qty 100+
Glossy or luster finish, quantity is total in the order (same finish) not per image.

8x10 Headshot Info

Headshots are available on either Glossy or Luster paper, though we recommend Luster as it doesn't get fingerprints as easily.

You can find the templates inside of our ROES ordering system. If you cannot use ROES we will charge you $10 per image to layout your headshot.

You can choose the font family you would like to use, the default is Arial. The fonts available will be the fonts that you have installed on your computer. The examples above show different fonts, the font name is the last name. Remember, the font families available come from what you have installed on your computer.

You cannot really change the font size, though you can add spaces on either side of your text and as the width of the text increases the font size will shrink to make the text fit inside the box.

On the #12 Overlay border, the font color is white. It should show up on most backgrounds but may be unreadable if you have a solid white background. You can change the font color if needed in the Tools below where you pick a font family - Text Color.

Please note that we print on photo paper which is not meant to be printed on the back of. The back side contains a watermark as well as couple small lines of text with the filename and date.

Please only order prints from us if you own the copyright or have approval from the copyright owner! If we suspect that your images are downloaded off the internet or are otherwise not approved for printing we will cancel your order and change the shipping fee to a non-refundable copyright violation fee.

DO NOT send us images of celebrities/athletes/superheroes/fan art to print as these are most likely under copyright and without their permission we cannot print them. If you have express permission from the copyright holder you can contact us for further evaluation.

Video - Headshot Templates in ROES

Below is a quick video going over the basics of how to use our 8x10 headshot templates that are in our ROES ordering system.