Best Price for Cheap 8x10 Prints

8x10 Prints for as low as $.70 each

We specialize in quantity 8x10 photo printing. Our 8x10 prints are perfect for bands, head shots, group photos, team photos, package prints etc. Most orders are ready to ship in 24 hours.

No Minimum

Our service is geared towards bulk orders, but there is no minimum order.

Fuji Photo Paper

Fuji Crystal Archive Type II traditional photo paper, glossy or luster finish.

Flat Rate Shipping

All 8x10 print orders qualify for $9.95 USPS flat rate shipping.

SizeQty 1-99Qty 100+
Glossy or luster finish, quantity is total in the order (same finish) not per image.

Frequently Asked Questions

By focusing on one print size (8x10) we can standardize everything we do to make it as efficient as possible, and then offer the best price possible.

While the price of our 8x10s is very cheap - and our intention is to have the best price for 8x10 prints, they are still very high quality - printed on Fuji Crystal Archive photo paper.

You can order online with our ROES ordering system. ROES is PC and Mac compatible and can be found on our Order Now page.

You can also use our web based Simple Order System, but it does not show cropping.

Our normal turnaround time is 24 hours. Large orders (1000 + prints) may take an extra day or two but that is rare.

Once your order is printed (usually 24 hours) it will ship via the USPS (usually). Mostly this is Priority Mail which is normally 1-3 days to anywhere in the US. This is an estimate only, it is not guaranteed and occasionally there are delays.

Very small orders (less than 30 or so 8x10 prints) ship via USPS First Class mail.

We can also ship next day via UPS, but we discourage this as it is difficult to fit into our workflow.

Your images must be RGB, this is very important. We recommend that they also be in the sRGB color space, as this is closest to what our printers can reproduce.

Your images should ideally by 300 ppi as an 8x10, which is 2400x3000.

You do not need to add bleed to the size of the print, but the printer will crop in ever so slightly, maybe 1-3mm all the way around so do not put any text or design elements within a quarter inch of the edges to be safe.

See all of our File Requirements and check your files here

Great question. If you are ordering a bunch of 8x10s of one file, we will look at it and tweak it as needed before printing. If you are ordering different files, you can choose to either have us print them as is, or pay $.30 per image for color correction.

We highly recommend that you choose the color correction, it can make a big difference. Also keep in mind that color correction is best done to the RAW file, not jpegs, so there is only so much we can do.

If you do not choose color correction, please make sure you know what you are doing - we do not apply any auto adjustments to the images - we print what you send us. If you do not have a quality monitor that has been calibrated you may not be happy with the results.

These are NOT inkjet prints. We print on Fuji Crystal Archive traditional photographic paper (light sensitive). We use Noristu printers, which expose the paper via a laser, and then the paper goes thru a wet process that developes and fixes the image.

Photo paper is not meant to be printed on the back of, there is a watermark as well as a couple small lines of text with the fielname and date.

We prefer the Luster finish, it is an almost flat matte finish, with just a slight sheen and very minimal texture. Luster paper does not show finger prints as much as glossy. It is the most common choice for general images.

We also offer Glossy finish (only on 8x10s), some people prefer glossy prints and say they appear sharper than luster prints.

Both Glossy and Luster prints are on the same Fuji Crystal Archive Type II paper.

For Heavens sake no! well, if you need 100 or more 8x10s of the same file, sure, if you cannot get our ROES system to work for some reason.

Our online ordering system (ROES) is very important to us - it collects all your info, allows you to tell us exactly what you want, and shows you the crop for the size print you are ordering. It is also tied into our shipping application, and we simply cannot accept orders unless they come thru ROES, or if you're ordering at least 100 or more 8x10s of a file.

Sure, as long as you are ordering a lot of each image, we don't want to have to look for an image just to make a handful of prints. Please make sure that you still keep your files in a safe place, we do not want to be the only one with them just in case something happens.

Yes, we also offer 11x14 prints for $1.85, but please do not mix 8x10's and 11x14's in the same order as the shipping doesn't usually work out for us (please make 2 orders). We also offer various sizes through our main lab,, which has more normal pricing.

If you need a large quantity of a different size, feel free to contact us and we can see what we can do.

Please, DO NOT send us images that you do not have permission to print.

Please see our Policies page for more info.

Please only order prints from us if you own the copyright or have approval from the copyright owner! If we suspect that your images are downloaded off the internet or are otherwise not approved for printing we will cancel your order and change the shipping fee to a non-refundable copyright violation fee.

DO NOT send us images of celebrities/athletes/superheroes/fan art to print as these are most likely under copyright and without their permission we cannot print them. If you have express permission from the copyright holder you can contact us for further evaluation.

8x10 Prints - Options for Borders and Unit / Package Prints

While most 8x10 prints as just normal 8x10s, there are also a few options available in our ROES ordering system such as borders and 8x10 unit/package layouts.

The following options are ONLY available in our ROES ordering system as they deal with how the image will crop/look.

8x10 Prints with Borders

We have 3 borders available in ROES for 8x10 prints:

  • 1/4" white borders
  • 1/4" white borders with Force Fit
  • Force Fit only

Force Fit means the entire image will fit the print even if it is not proportional. This means the image will shrink until it fits the height and the width, creating a white border on the sides that were shorter.

Borders are found in ROES in both the Glossy 8x10 and Luster 8x10 catalogs, in their own tab at the top left called 'Borders'.

8x10 Units and Package Prints for School and Sports Photographers

We offer a variety of units and package print layouts that fit on an 8x10, including:

  • 2 5x7s
  • 5x7 + 4 wallets
  • 2 3.5x5s + 4 wallets*
  • 8 wallets**
  • 16 mini wallets
  • 4 3.5x5s
  • 4 4x5s
  • 2 3.5x5s + 8 mini wallets

*watch the rotation of images on this layout, sometimes it is incorrect.
**wallets are not die cut.

All of the layouts above are 8x10 prints, even if they could be 7x10. If the image area does not cover the entire 8x10 then there will be a 1" white border to fill it out.

When ordering units/packages the image does not clear out when you add it to the cart. This makes it easy to add multiple layouts of the same image without having to drag it in again.

To make collation easier you should always order the same quantity of each item - on our end the files to print are put into a folder structure that includes the quantity in the folder name, so if some are ordered as one of each and others 2 each, they will get printed in two batches and be separate. You can get around this by always ordering a quantity of one, and just keep clicking to add it to the cart for how ever many copies you actually need. This way they will all be in the same folder, and will be in order.

Please make sure your images are properly color corrected. We will not be responsible for poor quality images, we simply print what you send us. We highly recommend that you send in a couple test images before placing a large order. While we do offer color correction, we can only correct so much, and usually it is just exposure, there is not much that can be corrected color-wise on jpeg images.

We do not offer any collation services.

8x10 unit and package prints are found in ROES in the Luster 8x10s catalog, in their own tab at the top left called 'Units'. They are only available on luster paper.

Video Tutorials About Ordering 8x10 Prints

Ordering 8x10 Prints with ROES - Intro Video

This is a short video going over the basics of our ROES Ordering System. ROES is an application you download and install on your desktop computer. It is PC and Mac compatible.

8x10 Border Options in ROES

Our ROES ordering system has a few border options for 8x10 prints, this video goes over where they are in ROES and how they work.

Drag and Drop Images into ROES

Quick tip about dragging images directly into our ROES ordering system. This video is made with out parent companies ROES system which has other sizes than we offer at Qprints, the drag and drop functionality is the same though.