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8x10 class composite picture with up to 40 images. This example has 4 staff images and 36 student images.

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Class Composite Prints - 8x10

Composite pictures are perfect for school and day care class photos. We have 5 main layouts, each with a version with the bottom row having 1 less image. Not all image nodes have to be filled so you can get just about any number of images to work (up to 40) in the composite.

$.82 each, 100 + $.73 each

Print Size: 8x10
Paper Type: Fuji Crystal Archive Type CA Photo Paper
Paper Finishes Available: Luster
Lab Turnaround Time: 24 Hours

Please only order prints from us if you own the copyright or have approval from the copyright owner!

DO NOT send us images of celebrities, athletes, superheroes or fan art unless you have permission from the rights holder to reproduce the image.

What is a Class Composite Photo?

A class composite photo is where you have a group photo made up of each individuals picture with their name below it.

8x10 class composite prints are perfect for school and day care class pictures. Simply drag and drop an image into each node and add it to the cart. You can fill in as many images as you need - you are not required to have an image in each spot.

Filenames are the Name Below the Image in the Composite Photo

When you drop an image into a slot, the filename will be used as the name below the image.

If you have a comma in the filename, the system will assume you named your pictures as the persons name with the last name followed by a comma, then a space and the first name - like `Smith, Jane.jpg`. This will help the files sort alphabetically by last name on your computer so you can drag them into the composite template in order. Capitalization matters so please be careful naming the files.

You can edit the name after you add in an image if needed, just click on the name and an editor will pop up.

Not Pictured Text on Bottom

If you have kids that are not pictured there is a text box at the bottom that you can list their names in - add in `Not Pictured:` first and then list the names.

Custom Background Image

There are 2 catalogs with 8x10 composite prints - one has 3 lines of text at the top of each template for school info, the other allows you to use your own background image to do the school info how ever you want - like with a school logo. This way you can customize the text and background as needed. Just make an image that is 8x10 and drop it in and it will show behind all the images and names. The template layouts are all the same between the 2 catalogs, the only difference is one has text at the top and the other allows you to use your own background image.

Use the PSD template below to be able to see where the images and names show on each of our templates to help you design your custom background image.

Are 8x10 Class Composite Prints Available on Glossy Paper?

We think the 8x10 composite prints look better on the luster finish but if you need them to be on glossy paper you can let us know in the special instructions and also reply to your order notification email that you want them on glossy paper and it should be no problem.

Issue - Can't Remove an Image from a Node

Our ordering system does not have a way to remove an image from a node if you accidentally add an image to a node that should really be empty (for instance you use the 40 image template but only have 38 images). To get around this the best bet is to drop in a transparent image where the filename contains the text `no-text`. This will replace the image and the text will be removed.

Here is an image you can use for that: Transparent PNG file

What's up with the Cats?

We didn't want to use actual pictures of children so we used a bunch of cat photos instead. Meow!

No Minimum

Our service is geared towards bulk orders, but there is no minimum order

Fuji Photo Paper

Fuji Crystal Archive Type CA traditional photo paper luster finish

Flat Rate Shipping

All 8x10 print orders qualify for $9.95 USPS flat rate shipping

Customer Reviews

We think we do a great job, but what do our customers think? Below are a couple random reviews from the last few months. Read all reviews.

Needed to print some 8x10 photos for an upcoming event and decided to go with qprints due to good reviews and very reasonable pricing when compared with other photo printing services. The print quality was fantastic and I was thoroughly impressed with their care in packing the images. I would definitely recommend and work with qprints again.
Riesa - December 26, 2023
I had such a great experience ordering from this business. Some of my prints were sent to them rather dark, and they sent me multiple copies with varying brightness levels to choose from. And when there was a small printing mess up, they fixed my order for free and customer service had it fixed same day. Will definitely be ordering from them again!
Kyrstyn H - May 7, 2024

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