Quality 8x10 Photo Printing at Wholesale Prices

Low cost, high quality 8x10 prints on Fuji Crystal Archive photographic paper.

8x10 Prints as low as $.73 each

8x10 Prints as low as $.73 each

Looking for bulk 8x10 printing for headshots, special events, group photos or sports/schools? We do them for as low as $.73 each (100 or more) on Fuji Crystal Archive paper.

8x10 Headshot Photos

8x10 Headshot Photos

Our 8x10s are perfect for headshots, and we have over a dozen pre made 8x10 templates you can choose from. Simply drop your image in and add your text.

Unit and Package Printing

Unit and Package Printing

Our ordering system allows you to create packages for ordering school and sports photos using all the usual unit combinations.

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Please only order prints from us if you own the copyright or have approval from the copyright owner!

DO NOT send us images of celebrities, athletes, superheroes or fan art to print as these are most likely under copyright and without their permission we cannot print them. If you have express permission from the copyright holder you can contact us for further evaluation.

Flat Rate Shipping

All standard orders ship for the same flat rate of $9.95. Most orders ship within 24 hours.

Etsy Integration

Are you selling on Etsy? We have a full integration with Etsy thru our FBQ system which allows easy fulfillment of your orders.

Drop Shipping

We can drop ship direct to your client, the enclosed packing slip will not have any pricing info on it or any mention of our lab.

11x14 Prints

11x14 prints on Fuji Crystal Archive luster paper starting at $1.95 per print.

12x12 Prints and Templates

Looking to print album pages or scrapbook prints? we have dozens of pre made templates, along with low prices for 12x12 prints.

5x7 Prints

5x7 prints on Fuji Crystal Archive luster paper now available.

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Customer Reviews

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Literally the fastest, plus best pricing, plus best quality, seamless communication. Not only painless, but incredible. Literally the Best.
Dan K - February 20, 2024
The prints look great. I have been using Qprints for years and am always pleasantly surprised at how quickly they arrive.
Gina - January 31, 2024
The site was super easy and fast to use! The pictures came out perfect and arrived quickly. Thank you!
Anonymous - January 19, 2024
Mike Stewart of the 60's group The Box Tops. We get our promo color glossy photos duplicated with Qprints.com. They are the best and we keep coming back for more
Mike Stewart - January 11, 2024
Outstanding service! Pricing was unbeatable, quality was excellent and my order was delivered quickly. I needed a high amount of individual prints that larger print companies were simply asking way too much for, and Qprints fulfilled my prints fast a...
Morty - January 11, 2024
Best price and excellent quality prints. Fast service too.
Tom - January 4, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are These 8x10 Prints so Cheap?

By focusing mostly on one print size (8x10) we can standardize everything we do to make it as efficient as possible, and then offer the best price possible. While the price of our 8x10s is very cheap - and our intention is to have the lowest price for 8x10 prints, they are still very high quality - printed on Fuji Crystal Archive photo paper.

How Do I Order?

You can order online with our web based Simple Order System.

Turn Around Times

Our normal turnaround time is 24 hours. Large orders (1000 + prints) may take an extra day or two but that is rare.

Shipping - How Long Will it Take?

Once your order is printed (usually 24 hours) it will ship via the USPS (usually). Mostly this is Priority Mail which is normally 1-4 days to anywhere in the US. This is an estimate only, it is not guaranteed and occasionally there are delays.

Very small orders (less than 30 or so 8x10 prints) ship via USPS First Class mail.

We can also ship next day via UPS, but we discourage this as it is difficult to fit into our workflow.

How Do I Prep My Images? CMYK or RGB? Bleed?

Your images must be RGB, this is very important. We recommend that they also be in the sRGB color space, as this is closest to what our printers can reproduce.

Your images should ideally be 300 ppi as an 8x10, which is 2400x3000.

You do not need to add bleed to the size of the print, but the printer will crop in ever so slightly, maybe 2-4mm all the way around so do not put any text or design elements within a quarter inch of the edges to be safe.

Do You Offer Color Correction, or Print 'as is'?

Great question. When you checkout there is an option for Color Correction, it is $.30 per image (not per print!). So you can choose to either have us print them as is, or pay $.30 per image for color correction.

We highly recommend that you choose the color correction option, it can make a big difference. Also keep in mind that color correction is best done to the RAW file, not jpegs, so there is only so much we can do.

If you do not choose color correction, please make sure you know what you are doing - we do not apply any auto adjustments to the images - we print what you send us. If you do not have a quality monitor that has been calibrated you may not be happy with the results.

What Paper do You Use? Are These Inkjet Prints?

These are NOT inkjet prints. We print on Fuji Crystal Archive traditional photographic paper (light sensitive). We use Noristu printers, which expose the paper via a laser, and then the paper goes thru a wet process that developes and fixes the image.

Photo paper is not meant to be printed on the back of, there is a watermark as well as a couple small lines of text with the filename and date.

Which is Better - Glossy or Luster Finish?

We prefer the Luster finish, it is an almost flat matte finish, with just a slight sheen and very minimal texture. Luster paper does not show finger prints as much as glossy. It is the most common choice for general images.

We also offer Glossy finish (only on 8x10s), some people prefer glossy prints and say they appear sharper than luster prints.

Both Glossy and Luster prints are on the same Fuji Crystal Archive Type CA paper.

Can I Email You My Images for Printing?

For Heavens sake no! If you cannot get our ordering system to work please contact us for help.

Our online ordering system is very important to us - it collects all your info, allows you to tell us exactly what you want, and shows you the crop for the size print you are ordering. It is also tied into our shipping application, and we simply cannot accept orders unless they come thru one of our ordering systems.

Can You Keep My Images on File so I Can Reorder Via Email?

No, too many things can go wrong. If you are selling lots of the same thing over and over you should look at our Etsy/FBQ system.

Do You Offer 8x10 Prints With Borders?

Yes, We have 2 border options available in our system for 8x10 prints:
- 1/4" (approximate) white borders
- 1/4" (approximate) white borders with Full Frame

Full Frame means the image opening is set to a 2/3 ratio which is the normal aspect ratio for SLR type images.

Borders are in a separate catalog for both the Glossy and Luster sizes.

Shrink to Fit option: In our ordering system there is a checkbox below the crop window that says Shrink to Fit. This will shrink your image until it fits in the box, this will likely add borders to the sides. You can still zoom and move the image around to an extent.

Do You Offer Sizes Other than 8x10?

Yes, we also offer 5x7, 7x10, 10x10, 12x12, 11x14 and 11x17, please go to the ordering system to see current pricing (there may be a price break at 100). We also offer numerous other print sizes through our main lab, ProLabPrints.com, which has more normal pricing and more available sizes.

If you need a large quantity of a size not listed, feel free to contact us and we can see what we can do.

I Like to Download Random Images of my Favorite Sports Person/Celebrity off the Internet - Will You Print Them?

NO. Please DO NOT send us images that you do not have permission to print.

If we think you are asking us to print images that violate or infringe on someone elses copyright or trademark we will cancel your order and change the shipping fee to a non-refundable copyright violation fee. We do not want to do that so please do not send us images that you do not have permission to print!

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