Naming Digital Files for Selling Artwork on Etsy or Amazon

Posted on August 27, 2023

Naming files for artwork that you sell can be difficult, here are some tips and things to keep in mind to help you stay organized.

Naming Digital Files Tips

  • If selling on Amazon always include the FNSKU at the start of the filename
  • Add the color tone if you have different tone options, like color or bw or sepia
    • If you sell art with different background colors or textures add that too
    • If you sell different sizes of the same image add that in
  • Always use leading zeroes if you have numbers in the filename, like 01 instead of just 1
  • File name length maximum 45 characters
  • Try not to use spaces, use - or _ instead
  • Always use .jpg for the file extension, not .jpeg or .Jpg or .JPG
  • Don't use any special characters - numbers, letters, - and _ only. Spaces if you really must.
  • Avoid words you don't want the customer to see as the filename is usually on the back of the print

One thing not covered in the video is that you should try to have the beginning of the filename be the same for images that are part of a set. This way they will sort next to each other. The FNSKU will do that, if you are not using that try to have a descriptive word for the set be the start of each filename. This can be important when you make an order for prints so that they sort together. For example, if you have a set of 4 images of different cities, don't name them paris-line_art.jpg, london-line_art.jpg, chicago-line_art.jpg and berlin-line_art.jpg - use something like cities-line_art-paris, cities-line_art-london etc. This way if those files are in a folder with other files the 4 in the set should end up next to each other.

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