How to Order Lots of Images with Cropping via the Batch Workflow

Posted on May 8, 2024

If you have a lot of images that you need to order but they are not cropped to the size you want you probably should use the Batch workflow and then review the cropping from the cart.

Batch Order with Cropping Tips

This workflow works best if the images ordered are the same size and quantity. If you have a complicated mix of sizes and or quantities, you may want to order them via the normal cropping workflow.

If your images are not proportional to the size you ordered and you don't review the cropping like we do in this video, the images will be center cropped which may be really bad! If you don't really care about the cropping you might want to check a couple to make sure they are ok and then you can skip the cropping review if you are sure they will be fine.

  • When using the arrow keys to move between images, the system will automatically save the cropping for the last image. When you are done click the Update Cart button to save the last one.
  • Make sure when you are using the arrow keys to load the next image that you don't go too fast - the system needs time to load the image and set the cropping. So even if the image doesn't need cropping you still need to let it load. If you go too fast you will get an error message saying to slow down and that you should check the prior few images to make sure they saved correctly.

Short Cut Keys

  • left and right Arrow Keys - Move between images, right arrow loads the next image and saves the cropping for the current image. Left arrow loads the previous image.
  • + and - or ~ and q - Zoom in and out on the image. + or q zooms in and - or ~ zooms out. ~ and q may seem like weird choices but they work well with your left hand and then your right hand can use the arrow keys. If you need to move the image around you'll need to use the mouse.

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