How to Order Class Composite Photos

Posted on April 15, 2024

Learn how to order class composite photos in the SOS.

See our 8x10 Class Composites page for more information.

Updates After Video was Made

After this video was made we added in a couple more templates and also made all templates available with a background image so there are now 2 class composite catalogs, one with 3 lines of text at the top and one where you can drop in your own custom background image.

Filename Tips

Our system for class composites assumes the file name for each image is the student's name. You can name the file with the students last name first, followed by a comma and then their first name and this will help the images sort in order by last name on your computer, but in the composite the system will know to show the name with the first name first.

So the file name should look like this: Smith, John.jpg and then it will show as John Smith on the composite under that image.

You can also name the file John Smith.jpg and it will still work fine. The system looks for a comma, and if it finds one then it splits the filename in 2 and uses the first part as the last name and the second part as the first name. If there is no comma then it shows it as it is.

If the filename contains no-text in it then the system will not show the filename below the image.

Class Composite Image Openings and the Number of Kids in a Class

We have 3 main class composite templates - 40, 32 and 14 images. When using a class composite template you can use as many image opening as you need, so any of the templates can have fewer kids in it, you just fill in the nodes you need and leave the rest blank.

There are versions of each template with an odd number of images on the bottom row so that the template is balanced no matter how many images you need to add in.

The 40 image template also has versions that allow a background image to be added to the template. This is useful if you want to add a school logo or other image to the composite. You could design the entire top of the composite with staff and a logo as needed.

If you have an idea for a composite that would work better for your school or organization please let us know.


Our ordering system does not allow you to remove an image - so if you accidentally add an image to a node you want to be blank, the best way to fix it is to drop in an transparent png file with a filename that has no-text in it. This will make the node blank and not show the filename.

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